Your Romantic Valentine’s Day in Florence by LET’S WED!


On Valentine’s Day in Florence, AMORE  is definitely in the air as Florence is  one of the most romantic retreat in the world where over the centuries its  historic palaces have seen generations of hopeless romantics, star-crossed lovers, secret affairs and vows of eternal love and this is the reason why lovers from all over the world are keen to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Firenze. Florence is the perfect city to spend a romantic weekend with your beloved.

For Italian lovers, Valentine’s day is the perfect day  to get engaged! In the historical center, shops get decorated several days ahead of February 14 with a huge variety of  chocolates pralines. Moreover, it is interesting to notice that this year, Valentine’s day overlaps with Florence’s Festival of Chocolate,  the tents of beautifully handcrafted chocolates sampling where you’ll surely find special chocolate hearts to give to your beloved.  By the way, did you know that Italy has a popular Valentine’s present called Baci PeruginaIl Bacio (which means “Kiss” in Italian)  is a small chocolate covered hazelnut containing a tiny slip of paper with romantic poetic quotes in four languages. Exchanging love notes and flowers is a very common practice in Italy on valentine’ day.

But where should you go on St. Valentine’s  for  your special romantic gateaway in Florence? LET’S WED! Your Event & Wedding Planner in Florence and Tuscany, would like to introduce ALL couples to the best romantic kept secrets of Florence.

The historical center of Florence is small and full of beautiful Renaissance Palazzi, Medieval narrow passageways as well as the famous Lungarno along the river which all present a unique setting for a couple celebrating each other. Walking along the streets of Florence isn’t just romantic, it is also the best way to visit and appreciate the city itself. Ponte Vecchio, particularly at night, is considered the most romantic spot in the city center and the softly lit sidewalks along the river make an evening stroll under the stars very romantic. Take your time to visit the Uffizi Gallery on a special tour among art and love, discovering the most passionate romances in history and how the most famous painters in the world depicted them.

And… talking about romances, track the famous love stories walking thru the streets of Florence! Visit the church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi,(better known as the church of Dante) where  Dante Alighieri met for the first time Beatrice Portinari, felt in love with her and got inspired to write the  famous “Divina Commedia”. Discover Palazzo Mondragone where Francesco I dei Medici and Bianca Cappello-  both unhappily married  – fell madly in love and conducted their love affair in the Palazzo till when, a few years later,  both of their partners died and this clandestine couple was finally able to get married and live together for the rest of their lifes. And what about the English poets, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barret Browning  who escaped to Florence after their secret marriage, living in Casa Guidi, in Piazza San Felice for he rest of their married life as Elizabeth’s father had opposed their marriage so strongly that the couple had chosen to flee the country rather than stay to face his wrath. Can we forget the romantic  love story of the famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio who felt in love with the beautiful actress Eleonora Duse? Their love story has inspired the poet to write  ‘Il Fuoco’ (“The Fire”) that describes their passionate love story.

 And now, are you thingking  that your next step might be to have an Engagement Party in Tuscany?  What are you waiting for?  This is the perfect time of the year to declare your love to your partner! LET’ WED!  Your event & Wedding Planner in Tuscany inclusive of all couples, will help you realize for you  the perfect magic and Engagement: a surprise for your partner? An intimate moment  or informal BBQ party to be shared with friends?

LETS’ WED! Will be  be pleased to create your made-to-measure romantic experience also enhanced by the exploration of some charming locations in the heart of Tuscany where an array of romantic excursions is just a short car ride away from Florence. Whether you’d rather go on a tour through a traditional winery, take a scenic horseback ride through the countryside, or both, a day of romance is at your fingertips. LET’s WED! will  also make you discover the best Perfume Maker of Florence who will realize a made-to-measure fragrance for your couple to fix the uniqueness of your love on your skin. And why not a fantastic chocolate relaxing massage ended by a candle lighted intimate dinner?  Florence is waiting for you!

Take guidance from our LET’S WED! Comfort Crew’s thoughtful direction, the essence of Florence will be brought to life through your experiences as our very special clients further to your budget!